Third Stone is a swedish rock band and we have been playing together for fourteen years. We started out in the beginning as a cover band but moved on to write our own material. That's where we get the biggest kicks, from writing and performing our own music.

Our roots and inspiration is planted in a lot of retro rock music, but we also keep our eyes and ears open for the sights and sounds of the future. Third Stone is firstly a product of all the music we have been listening to over the years, together in combination with something that's completely our own and unique.

The dream is to mix new inspiration together with old traditions. Good music is timeless! That's basically how the songwriting is working - it usually starts out with an idea one, two or more of us has got. Then we mix it up in a democratic process until we get something that sounds Third Stone.

There is really no point in comparing us to other bands.
It's up to the listener to gain whatever he/she likes from the music.

If we would like to be selected into a genre of music perhaps the most fitting one would be the one along with swedish rock bands such as: Soundtrack of our Lives, the Ark or maybe even the Hives. (Just to give you a hint.) To mention another good swedish rock band: Atomic Swing.

We are 6 guys who initially met because we all loved music, and for us it has always been the music first. It's important for us that we can be proud of what we present.

The lineup is:
Micke Eriksson, guitar
Mike Larsson, guitar
Magnus Leeo, vocals
Klas Lövgren, bass
Anders Westman, drums
Mats Winkvist, rhodes and organs